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Guru Nanak Free Kitchen Edmonton

Langar Seva for All

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Our Mission

Guru Nanak Foundation for Humanity o/a Sikhs for Humanity is a registered charity in Canada (81273 7989 RR0001). Founded in 2009, our mission is to take the Sikh teachings of seva (say-vah: selfless service) and langar (free communal meals served to all without discrimination) to those who need it most. We believe in a solution to poverty that involves building community, and allowing the power of compassion to uplift and inspire the hearts of all individuals.

Our Projects

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Guru Nanak Free Kitchen

Guru Nanak Free Kitchen was officially opened in November 2021. The building consists of a kitchen and gathering area on the main floor, and 4 residential rental suites on the upper floors. The rental from the residential suites will subsidize the cost of providing langar seva for generations to come. In this facility, we prepare meals which are then delivered to at risk youth at low income schools in Edmonton's inner city, as well as women living in shelters across the Edmonton area.

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Sikhi Education

We are committed to proliferating the universal teachings of the Guru Granth Sahib by printing and distributing educational resources, free of charge for all. Our first publication was a pamphlet entitled Sikhism: A Brief Introduction, of which we printed 50,000 copies. This pamphlet made its way to gurdwaras, businesses, hotel rooms, and various Sikhi centric events in the USA and Europe. In 2021, we printed 100,000 copies of booklets written by Veer Bhupinder Singh, an American Sikh intellectual. We are also sponsoring TV programs hosted by Veer Bhupinder Singh and Bhai Sarbjit Singh Dhunda.

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Make a Contribution

Make a Donation

Your contribution will go towards covering the costs of our langar and educational programs. We operate our charity with total transparency, and our financials are available upon your request.

Volunteer Your Time

All are welcome to participate in our langar seva. Please view our schedule to sign up.

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Contact Us

Get in touch with Sikhs for Humanity to discover more about our work.

1001 Buckingham Drive, Sherwood Park, Alberta T8H 0X5


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