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Sikhi Education

The Sikhs for Humanity team has pursued humble endeavours to proliferate the universal teachings of Oneness conveyed to the world by Guru Nanak. These endeavours include the printing of books and the sponsorship of television programs focused on Gurmat parchar (the teaching of Guru-inspired living). Our current educational endeavours are purely related to the philosophical component of Sikhi.

Our first endeavour in 2016 was to compile and print an educational booklet entitled "Sikhism: A Brief Introduction". This booklet was distributed free of charge to Gurudwaras, businesses, hotels, and various public events organized by the global Sikh community. The publication was well received and appreciated by readers of various backgrounds.

In 2021, our team printed 50,000 copies of an 11-book set on Sikh philosophy written by Veer Bhupinder Singh, an American Sikh intellect. These books are available to all, free of charge. Please contact our team to arrange for shipping or pick up.

We are also currently sponsoring TV programs featuring Veer Bhupinder Singh and Sarbjit Singh Dhunda. 

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